Dumlupinar Mah. Bahtli Sok. Emeksiz Apt. No:61/17 34720 Kadikoy, Istanbul, Turkey






September 2014 Present

Bachelor of Engineering


Computer Engineering, Marmara University, Turkey

-          3rd Year

January 2018 June 2018

Bachelor of Engineering


Electrical Engineering, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary

-          ERASMUS+

September 2010 June 2014

High School


Afyonkarahisar Suleyman Demirel High School of Science, Turkey




October 2015 January 2018

Marmara University, Turkey


October 2017 January 2018

Industrial Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering

-          Programming course (Java) lab assistant

February 2017 June 2017

International Office

October 2015 June 2016

IT Department

-          Backend Design

-          Paperworks

June 2017 July 2017

Mobillium, Istanbul, Turkey


Software Development Intern

-          Android Development

-          HTML-PHP Backend/Frontend Design

June 2016 September 2016

June 2015 September 2015

CVIIZ Software, Afyonkarahisar, Turkey

Web and Graphic Designer


-          Wordpress/PHP/HTML Web Design

-          Backend/Frontend Design

-          Graphic Design

-          Paperworks




-          Turkish (Mother Tongue)

-          English (C1)

-          German (A1)



Programming Languages

Java C Python HTML



IDEs and Text Editors

Intellij IDEA CLion PyCharm Eclipse

Dev-C++ NetBeans MATLAB RStudio

Sublime Text Atom


Online Systems

GitHub Stackoverflow


Operating Systems

Linux MacOS Windows

iOS Android


Office Programs

Libre Office MS Office Photoshop Acrobat

Dreamweaver Illustrator InDesign






December 2017

Processor Design Verilog, Java, Logism


Implementing a processor design with an assembler according to an instruction set architecture



December 2017

Simple PDF Mining Python


Program that analyzes the words in the PDF files given as input, calculates the TF-IDF values


December 2017

Coffee Shop Simulation Java, AnyLogic


A simple coffee shop simulation


November 2017

Monopoly Java


A simple Monopoly game and simulation based on design patterns in OOP


November 2017

Linux Bash (Command-line Interface) Design C


Programming a similar version of Linux OS command-line interface


October 2017

Menu Driven Shell Script Shell Script


hell Script program that performs different tasks according to the options in the menu


May 2017

Algorithm Design Project Java


Design of coin collecting robots and Floyd-Warshall algorithms, processing of data in the input files according to these algorithms



May 2017



A MATLAB program that draws graphs of a derivative, integral and itself of a polynomial on an interval


April 2017

Analysis of Sorting Algorithms - Java


A program that measures and analyzes the efficiency of sorting algorithms


March 2017

Reverse Engineering Project C, Assembly


Reverse engineering an executable program to find the necessary inputs at certain stages

November 2016

Infinite Number Multiplication - C


A program implemented to multiply two numbers in any length using linked lists

October 2016

2D Binary Search Tree Implementation - C


A program to put, arrange or delete two-number sets by arranging BSTs depth levels according to numbers being even or odd

July 2016

ADM Mermer Web Design CSS, HTML, PHP, Wordpress

April 2016

Sudoku - Java


A Sudoku game with GUI


July 2015

Doru Plastik Web Design CSS, HTML, PHP, Wordpress

April 2013

Line Follower Robot - PIC


TBTAK Science Fair and Science High School Completion Project




October 2014 Present



Global Member (ID: 93226007)

IEEE Turkey Section

-          Computer Society Coordination Team Member (2016 2017)

-          Project Coordinator Representative (2015 2016)

IEEE Marmara University Student Branch

-          Vice Chairman (2016 2017)

-          Coordinator (2015 2016)

-          Member (2014 2015)

February 2017 May 2017

Erasmus Student Network Turkey Team Member






2014 - 2017

IEEE Marmara Regional Meetings

May 2016

ITU Technology Conferense, Istanbul Technical University

April 2016

Career and Development Summit, Marmara University

March 2016

Leaders Summit for Human Resources Activities, Marmara University

December 2014

Intel Technology Conference, Ciragan Kempinski Istanbul




August 2016

IEEE Turkey Student and Young Professionals Congress, Istanbul Technical University

January 2016

IEEE Turkey Chair of Student Branches Congress, Bilkent University




April 2016

Career Tips Training of, Marmara University




October 2015October 2016

Final Chapter of Yeni Fikirler Yeni Isler, Middle East Technical University

April 2010 October 2011

COMENIUS Project on Cultural Interaction, Belgium